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The burgeoning Thru the Bible (TTB) multilingual website, a TWR-produced portal, has experienced a substantial rise in traffic in recent weeks. Spanish is the most popular language among the 23 available on the site. Spanish streaming and downloads of audio programs surpassed 100,000 in August, more than double the amount from the previous month. Mandarin (Chinese) and Dutch have also seen significant increases.

“People in our local communities and beyond speak these various languages, so it’s great to see that they are finding the site and listening to the content,” said Jim Hill, TWR Americas Region administrator for LinguaDMS. LinguaDMS is TWR’s digital asset management system, which stores, formats and delivers content to the websites and other digital platforms. “Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are also helpful for getting the word out," Hill added.

Among the other languages currently available are French, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Afrikaans, Telugu, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali and Creole. According to Joe Fort, TWR’s media relations director, TTB will eventually provide approximately 50 languages on the site.

“This site is a great way we can impact people locally and globally with the gospel,” Hill said. “Please pray for more people to find out about it and listen to the programs.”