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Here are three stories based on listener letters from people impacted by Project Hannah's Women of Hope programming. We hope these beautiful accounts of God's goodness are as encouraging to you as they have been to us.

From Russia:

In Russia, a devoted wife prayed unceasingly for her husband to come to Christ. After ten years, her prayers were answered and her husband was saved. God was faithful then in bringing her husband to everlasting life, and He is faithful now, as He has called her husband home in death.

As a recent widow, she finds comfort in listening to TWR’s Women of Hope program as often as she can. Even as her heart cries for answers and she feels the loss of her husband’s early death, she is thankful. She is thankful for God’s sustaining power in her life, and she is thankful for the salvation of her two daughters who love the Lord.

She also continues her ministry of prayer for her family, petitioning God for her son’s salvation. Will you join her in prayer for him as well?

From India:

A woman in India now believes that in Christ miracles can happen. Until she heard TWR’s Women of Hope program, she was unaware of God’s overwhelming love for her. Her father listened to the program as well, and through the truth presented, they both accepted Christ as Savior and Lord.

During this time, her father struggled to get his diabetes safely under control. Medicine after medicine proved to be ineffective, and her father was tired of the struggle. While listening to Women of Hope, he learned that God is a God who saves, and He is also a God who heals… at times, miraculously. Her father prayed. God answered. When he went to the doctor, everyone was amazed at the test results. His sugar was under control. He had been healed. Through this, she and her family now know the truth of Jesus’ claim in Matthew 19, “…with God, all things are possible.”

From the Philippines: 

There are some secrets so painful only the truth found in God’s Word can give hope. Over nineteen years ago, one woman in the Philippines suffered sexual abuse by a family member, a secret that she hides to this day. For many years this secret imprisoned her, keeping her in involuntary darkness. She felt as if she lived in a nightmare, torn between getting the help she needed and destroying her family with the truth.

When listening to the Women of Hope program, she heard of God’s love for her, and for the first time in almost twenty years she broke free from the bondage of darkness. Since she accepted Christ, everything in her life is different. While her past did not change, the way she views her past is transformed. Now she can see her abuse through the lens of God’s love, and, as a result, she seeks to live her life to do God’s will and for His glory. With her eyes fixed firmly on Christ, she finds that He is all that matters to her now.