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TWR produces Christian programming in over 230 languages and dialects and reaches more than 160 countries.  Today, let's focus on the language of Guarani.  Have you ever heard of it?  Honestly, I had not.  I first learned about Guarani during my conversation with J. Mark Horst of Heralds of Hope.  Guarani is widely spoken in Paraguay.  In fact, along with Spanish, Guarani is one of Paraguay's official languages.  While there is a Guarani alphabet, many of the Guarani people don't read or write, so TWR and radio programs like Heralds of Hope are powerful tools to share the Good News of Jesus with this generation of the Guarani.

Click here for a link to Heralds of Hope or to listen to the program

(Photo of J. Mark Horst, President of Heralds of Hope)