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I'm not one who likes to argue, but there have been times in my life when I've been involved in some very heated discussions--especially with family members--usually my father.  After he would try to tell me what to do, and after I refused to do it his way, Daddy would often say, "Are you ready to listen?"  All too often, I wasn't.  I was still holding my position and thinking about my next line of attack.  So, how was progress ever made?  I needed to calm down, show my father respect, and then I was ready to listen.  In the case of TWR's work in the Middle East, we must use a similar calm, non-threatening, honoring approach.  As "Joseph," who works with TWR in that region, told me, "We respect them, and we try not to attack or condemn their religion."  And, because of the turmoil in that part of the world, we have a "golden opportunity" because many of them "are ready to listen."

Click here to learn more about TWR's ministry in the Middle East

(Photo of Andy Napier interviewing "Joseph")