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How can one church reach the world? Our Shepherd Lutheran Church in Greendale, Wis., is doing just that through its media ministry, featuring the radio program The Word Today.

When Pastor Paul Schroeder began his radio outreach in 1978, he started with programming on one radio station. Currently, The Word Today is TWR’s fastest-growing media partner ministry in terms of expanding into new languages, broadcasting in 56 languages in 23 countries. This reflects the passion of Pastor Paul and his son, Pastor Doug Schroeder, in bringing the liberating Good News of Jesus Christ to those who have never had the opportunity to hear it. The simple and practical biblically based teaching of The Word Today has been enthusiastically received by people around the world, as is illustrated by this listener response from Côte d'Ivoire in West Africa:

“I have listened to your program dealing with rest, according to your message. There is a kind of rest on which my mind was opened that leads me to look for the solution, that is the rest of the heart. Because of the sociopolitical events, I lost the rest which is my inner calm; I panic and I have become vulnerable to all. You have said that Jesus gives such a rest. I acknowledge that I thought I had Jesus in my life. But when I listened to you, and according to the details you gave during our phone conversation, I decided to repent and to abandon my life into the hands of God. Ever since, my life has been very calm and I have an inner rest I had never felt before. I also started to go back to church, which I abandoned 20 years ago; that, on your advice. I am very happy. I encourage you to continue since your ministry bears fruit. Glory to the Lord Jesus.”

Our Shepherd Lutheran Church has been employing radio to share its media content through TWR for more than 27 years, but now the Schroeders are launching a digital outreach through TWR’s LinguaBlast system. LinguaBlast will enable The Word Today to ultimately reach speakers of as many as 50 languages through fully translated websites offering its media content. In a day when millions around the world are accessing the Internet for the first time though smartphone technology, this step will bring The Word Today to even more people who desperately need to hear its message.

From one radio broadcast in the United States 34 years ago to a global outreach that is bearing fruit in many nations for the Kingdom of God, The Word Today has allowed TWR the privilege of being its partner in helping one pastor’s vision become a reality.