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Prior to God calling me to TWR, I spent 24 years at one local radio station--WMBW in Chattanooga, TN.  At WMBW, we interacted frequently with our listeners.  Whether at a station-sponsored food drive, shoe drive, live remote broadcast, or at a concert, church event, or city-wide prayer breakfast, I had countless opportunities to visit face-to-face with listeners, pastors, and local ministry leaders.  That time spent with listeners was invaluable.  And now that I'm in the headquarters of TWR, I'm learning the same lesson--the importance of localism.  That's one of the huge benefits of TWR's national partnership model.  Instead of controlling everything from a central U.S. location, TWR has approximately 60 national partners who, according to Branko Bjelajac, TWR's Director of Global Partnership Development, have connections with the local church and therefore know the needs of the local people and the specific radio content that their listeners need to hear.  I must say, that makes good sense to me and should make for better radio!

Click here for a list of TWR's national partners

(Photo of Andy Napier and Branko Bjelajac)