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Dear TWR,

I really enjoy your youth programs. It was a very good idea to create such a program. I recently heard about the correspondence course you send out. I would like to do it, because it is very important to not start making mistakes at my age. Most of the time, we (young people) think of ourselves as adults that know and understand everything. My parents are believers, but that does not make me a better person in comparison to my peers. I have everything I need in my life, but it is important to not lose my faith, and the good things my parents taught me.

 Some of my schoolmates exaggerate the problems they have at home or with young boyfriends they love. They look for comfort in drinking alcohol, living loosely and doing drugs. This is a real problem among my peers. It hurts to see my friends constantly 'bathe' their joys and 'drown' their sorrows in alcohol.
I have not been baptized yet, but I feel the Lord’s hand on my life every day, hour and second. Please pray for my friends and me. May God give you wisdom in all your work.

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