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This online response recently came to us from a German listener.  

Dear TWR,

My search for the meaning of life and God has been going on for years. I tried a lot of different things like esoteric philosophy, Buddhism, meditation, etc. But nothing could take away my emptiness and discontent. Until now, I had a wrong picture of God: a punitive and strict Lord who, without grace, sends everyone to hell. I was looking on the internet and discovered the “Jesus Experiment.” I joined it because I was curious and had nothing to lose. Thanks to the email contact that was established with one of the coaches, my view on some things changed.  Now I believe that there is someone, Jesus, Who loves me the way I am without forcing me to love Him back.  I want to thank Jesus and the coach, without whom I could not understand this truth. I am very excited how my life will continue, not only next week but for the rest of my life!

For more information in German on this ERF Medien Germany (TWR’s National Partner) ministry, click here.