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Irena is 32 and a mother of four children. She came to the Lord five years ago at a Project Hannah-Albania women’s conference. She is a faithful intercessor and listener of Women of Hope, and her love and passion for Jesus gives her strength to deal with her difficult life.

Married at 15, she was considered the servant of everyone in her husband’s family. She was constantly abused by her husband and her mother-in-law, who was “training her to be a good wife.” She thought obeying and doing everything they wanted would stop the violence, but it only increased. Irena lived the first years of her marriage in fear that each new day would bring death.

One day, she learned of a Christian radio program about women in similar circumstances. She also heard about a women’s conference. She desperately wanted to know more about the God who “heals the brokenhearted” (Psalm 147:3). She was not allowed to leave her home without her husband’s permission, even to go to the local shop. Desperate, she did what she heard on the radio; she began to pray. She joined the speaker every morning and prayed. God answered! Her husband allowed her to go to the conference.

She used her hair to try and cover her bruised, bloodshot eyes and open wounds. With tears, she shared with the ladies the joy and hope Jesus gave her for her tomorrows.  They hugged, cried and prayed with her and many other women like her, all suffering from domestic violence in Albania. An awareness campaign addressing Domestic Violence in Albania was started. Project Hannah seminars and radio programs have helped to improve the situation in Irena’s home, and God gives her daily strength.

To learn more about Irena’s story from Project Hannah’s website, click here