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Have you ever noticed that radio announcers often do well on television game shows?  I think it's because we remember a lot of useless information.  For example, when I was in college, a team from our campus radio station won the school trivia contest...or did we finish second?  Let's say we won it.  Personally, I've always liked playing the classic board game called "Trivial Pursuit," and these days, our family enjoys "Trivia Crack" on Facebook.  Well, here's a piece of trivia that I picked up from Fernando Diaz Sarmiento of Canal de Vida, TWR's national partner is Spain--Question: In Biblical times, what was considered the end of the world?  Answer: Cape Finisterre in Galicia, Spain.  In fact, in Latin, the name Finisterre means "end of the earth."  Look it up on the map, and then listen to today's Footsteps for a convincing argument as to why the Apostle Paul had a desire to travel to Spain.

Click here to learn more about TWR's work in Europe and for a link to Canal de Vida in Spain

(Photo of Andy Napier and Fernando Diaz Sarmeinto, Executive Director of Canal de Vida)