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"Lauren, would you lead us in prayer for this project?"  Lauren Libby, TWR's President was being asked to pray for the Bonaire Transmitter Power Upgrade Project.  Being on the island of Bonaire, and in a room filled with TWR's national partners from all over Latin America, I sensed that this prayer might be historic—not just for TWR, but for the history of the Church.  Lauren and this gathering of fellow TWR broadcasters were boldly going before God’s throne and asking the Lord to provide the funding for one of the most powerful radio signals in the world.  I was seated two chairs to the left of Lauren.  I hadn't planned on recording his prayer, but I quickly unpacked my digital recorder, and stretching my arm and the recorder as far as I could, I captured most of Lauren's prayer.  The quality of the recording is far from perfect, but at least we have it.  Now, as I look back on those few minutes of prayer, I'm humbled.  God truly has called me and uniquely placed me to be a reporter on the fulfillment of the Great Commission. 

Click here to learn more about the Bonaire Transmitter Power Upgrade Project