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Some days, when I'm channel surfing on the TV, I'll stop to watch a few minutes of certain "televangelists."  My wife Kathy will ask, "Why are you watching him?"  My answer, "I want to hear what he's saying?"  And what are some of these prominent "televangelists" teaching?  For some, it's the prosperity gospel.  For others, it's a list of principles so that the viewer can live a better and more positive life.  In a recent interview that I conducted with Jonathan Williams, Founder and President of Word of God Speak Ministires, Jonathan said his heart's cry is to "get back to the Word of God...let's get back to the clear teaching of God's Word."  I hope you'll join me in saying "AMEN!"

Click here for a link to Word of God Speak Ministries or to listen to to "Stories of the Master"