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I just took a quick survey.  I have at least 10 Bibles of my own here at home.  My favorite is my Nelson Study Bible (NKJV) with hundreds of handwritten notes and quotes in the margin.  I had it rebound in thick, black, smooth goatskin by a British bookbinder.  I'm proud of it!  I also have a burgundy leather Ryrie Study Bible (NASB) that has a personal note from Dr. Charles Ryrie himself.  And that's just the beginning.  There's my MacArthur Study Bible, my NIV Study Bible, my Thompson Chain Reference Bible, my NLT Study Bible, etc...But, as much as I appreciate my Bibles, I bet I don't treasure any of mine the way a particular young man treasured his "Suitcase Bible."  TWR's Alan Travers encountered this man when he was preaching in a small church in Spain.  You must listen to Alan's description of the man and his Bible on today's program!

Click here to learn about TWR's current ministry to Spain

(Photo of Alan Travers)