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Eager to engage more people online, TWR this weekend launched an alliance with Jesus Daily™, the most engaged page on Facebook for more than 42 weeks, according to

Jesus Daily was founded as a virtual faith community in 2009 by Aaron Tabor, a North Carolina medical doctor. The page has nearly 13 million Facebook fans and 3 million to 5 million weekly interactions. 

“Jesus Daily formed at the intersection of Facebook’s explosive growth and users’ strong desire to express their love for Christ in an online setting,” explains Trip Smith, TWR’s Web and social media strategist. “TWR is constantly looking for ways to reach more people for the Savior, and by connecting with Jesus Daily, we gain immediate access to an audience in which we can speak the hope of Christ.” 

TWR will join other founding partners on the Jesus Daily Radio tab, accessible from the main page of the site. Alongside channels featuring Dr. James Dobson, Rick Warren and others, TWR will stream a selection of audio segments, among them Truth in the Test Tube, Marli’s Meditations and Real Truth for Real Life. Some of the programming, such as the daily devotional Armonia para el Alma, will stream in Spanish.

TWR channel visitors will be guided to a dedicated Web landing page, which features a brief welcome video, the opportunity to download an inspiring e-book and links to the media ministry’s other online resources.  

The next step in the process, says Smith, involves engaging Jesus Daily’s highly loyal and active audience with theologically rich content.

“Our goal is to help people grow in Christ-likeness,” he says. “We believe Jesus Daily’s ‘Likers’ will be blessed by the solid media resources TWR has to offer.”

(Liking TWR on Facebook is one of the best ways to stay connected with the ministry, so visit our Page and "Like" today!)