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This winter, TWR-Nepal is going the extra mile to show their concern and love towards children, women and families who are living in sickness and poverty.

The TWR-Nepal ministry team, in partnership with Awana Nepal, will be preparing and distributing food to children in the streets of Katmandu, Nepal. The need of these children is tremendous and the ministry expects at least 150 children to be fed. In addition to this special initiative, up to 250 children in the Kaila and Katmandu areas will receive gifts that are packed specially for them.

During one of the field trips to the Kailali district, the TWR-Nepal ministry team witnessed countless HIV-infected women and their children. They were so poor that they had to live in dilapidated huts, borrowed from the fellow villagers. These women were abandoned by their families after their HIV-infected husbands passed away.

Moved by the plight of these women, and with the help of the local community and clubs, TWR-Nepal will be initiating the project of building houses for two homeless mothers and their four children. In this bitterly cold season, our hope that the new houses would bring joy, warmth and hope for the two families.

TWR-Nepal has already distributed 84 blankets to HIV-infected victims and their family members in two other districts.  Given their state of poverty, the recipients would not have been able to afford these blankets, or their warmth. Simon, the ministry leader of TWR-Nepal, is excited to be able to make a difference this winter, “Caring for the poor and needy and meeting their practical needs is a great way to show them God’s love.”