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As the pain and heartache of civil war escapes Syria’s borders, scattered oases of compassion and goodwill have sprung up where volunteers minister to the needs of fleeing families.

In early December 2015, TWR President Lauren Libby was in Jordan, not far from the Syrian border, and experienced one of these oases firsthand. He spoke with a pastor who leads a growing band of volunteers reaching out to the tens of thousands of refugees in the area.

Basic material needs have to be met, of course, but the pastor says it is just as important to address the spiritual needs of these traumatized people.

“Always the Word of God is the solution for everything,” he told President Libby. “So we want to be able to give them Word of God when they request it.”

Libby’s conversation with the pastor is featured on Footsteps, TWR’s two-minute radio spot carried on Christian radio stations across the United States. We invite you to take a few minutes now to listen to the pastor’s words on Soundcloud.