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This encouraging letter comes from a TWR listener in Nepal.

I grew up as a devotee of my family religion, where we worshipped nature – I would pray to the trees, the stones, the sun and the moon. When I was in my 20s, someone told me about Jesus Christ, and I became a Christian.

However, I was not very interested in learning more about Christ and Christianity, even though there was a church and some Christian families near my home. I did not really understand my new faith, and I still performed all those rituals I had grown up with.

I would have passed my days in this way, if I had not met a Christian brother from TWR-Nepal. He told me about a radio program called Marg Darshan in the Tharu language, gave me a program schedule and encouraged me to listen to it.

As I listened to the programs, I came to understand the meaning of Jesus’ sacrificial love and his gift of salvation. My heart was touched, and I was inspired to dedicate myself to Christ. I began to attend church, and I received Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. Now, my relationship with my Savior has become stronger, and I no longer follow all the old rituals. I am being transformed in Jesus day by day.

I would never have thought that I would receive salvation, the right of sonship and new life in Jesus through his living Word broadcast over a radio program! I am so happy and I want to give thanks to Jesus for his sacrificial love. I also give thanks to TWR-Nepal for providing and airing the programs in our own Tharu language. May God bless your ministry!