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My name is Sabitri. I was brought up in a Hindu family in Nepal. My father used to work as a priest in a Hindu temple. I used to help him with some work in the temple. My father is a very religious person and made me religious, too. My mother used to worship stones and statues every day. Every day, she kept me with her for two hours and taught me about Hinduism. When I was 12 years old, I was married to a 20-year-old man. My husband’s family earned their living by agriculture, but still they were very rich. When I was married, I didn't even know the meaning of marriage. After a few days, I felt all right, but then my husband’s family started to show their true character.

My mother-in-law always bullied me, scolded me, and, if she was unsatisfied with my work, she would punish me by not letting me have any food. One day, when I was alone, my father-in-law tried to rape me. Due to their torture, I fell into a depression. My husband, too, seemed to think of me as just a childbearing machine. Everyone was against me, and I felt mentally tortured. I gave birth to a girl, and for that they tortured me even more.

One day my husband, mother-in-law and sister-in-law tried to kill me by fire, but I escaped, and, carrying my daughter barefooted, I ran away to my mother’s house. Looking at my situation, I felt depressed, and sometimes I wanted to die. To get out of this depression, I would listen to the radio. One day, I heard a beautiful and peaceful song with a program afterward. I came to find this program was TWR's Women of Hope. That night in my bed, I thought about Christianity until I fell asleep. In my dream, I saw somebody giving me a book with a black cover. When I awoke, I wondered what book it was, but nobody knew. I started listening to your program regularly. From it, I got your address and phone number, and immediately I called your program host and told her everything about my life. I also told her about the book with the black cover. She said the book was the Holy Bible. She encouraged me to go to a nearby church.

These days, my life has been transformed, and I have come out of my depression. I go to church regularly and participate in every program. Women of Hope has helped me so much in my life. I had no hope, but from this program, darkness left my life and I am full of new hope. Now, I have rented a room and live there with my daughter, who is going to school. I work as a housemaid, washing dishes and clothes. God has given me joy as well as freedom.

I hope your program will reach the heart of every person who is in need of comfort. I would like to thank Lord Jesus, as well as the Women of Hope program team.