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On October 1, 2011, TWR’s Uruguayan partner, Radio Trans Mundial (RTM), celebrated 30 years on the air through CX 4 Radio Rural.

“During these years, I have learned many lessons about God’s faithfulness and provision. From my perspective this has been an amazing school for our faith. As the old hymn says: Trust and obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey,” says Esteban Larrosa, RTM Uruguay’s director.

RTM Uruguay is thankful for the commitment and love TWR has demonstrated through partnering with their local ministry to keep this lighthouse for millions living in this area of the world. Many people have been saved, and others receive their daily spiritual food to grow in their faith in Christ. There’s no doubt that this station has been a great tool is God using for his purposes and plan. Without this outlet, the effect of the ministry would not have been the same.

“May the Lord keep us all faithful to his calling as we reach this historic event for his glory,” Larrosa added.

Visit RTM Uruguays website in Spanish for more information on this exciting ministry.