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Over 200 people from six different Christian radio ministries gathered for a Christian Communicator’s Retreat in San Bernardino, Paraguay on Friday, September 10 through Sunday, September 12, 2010.

The staff of Radio Trans Mundial (RTM), TWR’s partner in Paraguay, attended and was blessed by the retreat. “We like to meet as Christian radio stations to support each other. This was the first time we heard about other ministries and how we can help them,” said Nahemy Moreno de Fehr, Director of RTM.
Alfred Neufeld, who is on the board of Christian Communicator’s in Asuncion, Paraguay, said it’s very important for the various ministries to be united in the effort to bring the gospel to Paraguayan people. “The religion here is a blend of paganism and [another religion],” he said. “We want to stay relevant in order to reach the unchurched, but handle God’s truth in the right manner using mass media.”

To learn more about RTM’s ministry in Spanish, click here.