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Can you imagine sending your children to the trash dump to look for leftover food and rotten chicken...TO EAT?  This scene is played out in the Korogocho slum in Nairobi, Kenya, and it breaks the heart of Pastor Euticauls Wembua Nzengu.  I understand.  While I haven't hunted for food at a dump, I have spent some time working and ministering in at least two Nairobi area slums.  I've visited and prayed with several families in their one room homes.  I've seen their children playing in streams of sewer water.  Praise God that believers like Euticauls and his staff are working in Korogocho rescuing these precious children!   

Rev. Euticauls W. Nzengu may be reached through email at [email protected]

(Photo of dump near Korogosho slum in Nairobi, Kenya)