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Popular speaker, author and broadcaster Ron Hutchcraft is communicating in a new language.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries (RHM) has teamed with TWR to begin broadcasting his widely distributed short feature A Word With You to China in Mandarin. TWR translates the program and produces the Mandarin version with a native speaker presenting Hutchcraft’s words.

Ralf Stores, TWR’s director of ministry partnerships, said, “A Word With You fits in very strategically with TWR’s commitment to reach the world’s nearly 3 billion youth and children. Ron has a deep passion for reaching young people, and it is a joy and privilege to work side by side with a ministry that truly understands youth culture around the world and stops at nothing to reach them for Jesus.”

Coincidentally, the first broadcast of A Word With You in Mandarin aired on April 2, the same week that Hutchcraft happened to be at TWR’s international headquarters in Cary, North Carolina, to address the media organization’s annual President’s Forum. Stores presented him with a recorded copy of the program, which was broadcast to China on shortwave from TWR’s major transmitter site on Guam.

Stores said that there are no immediate plans to translate the Hutchcraft program into other languages but that RHM has expressed interest in doing so.

While at the Cary office, Hutchcraft also took time to sit for an interview with David McCreary, director of marketing and communications for the TWR Americas Region. Hutchcraft’s remarks about the China outreach and other subjects can be heard here.