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Today is Sept. 11. Does that date ring a bell? Do you remember where you were on this day 11 years ago? I was in my office at TWR in Cary, N.C.

That day was like no other in American history. We as a people were gripped by the terrible, heartwrenching events unfolding in New York City, Washington, D.C., and the Pennsylvania countryside. The perpetrators, radical terrorists, dealt a crushing blow to our national soul. The consequences were tragic: thousands died; hundreds were wounded — men, women and children from diverse backgrounds. The ripples from this earthshaking violence crossed the oceans like a massive tsunami. The world felt its effects and still does.

Remembrance of these heinous deeds hopefully diminishes our own natural tendency to perpetrate such atrocities against our fellow man. We acknowledge the need to forgive lest we give way to anger and bitterness — roots that defile and destroy. Furthermore, we must recognize that these tragedies are repeated daily around the globe. This is not just about us.

Unjust wars, honor killings, abortions and other symptoms of the inhumanities of man against man, whether religiously or ethnically motivated, wreak death and destruction — and the wounds and scars remain visible. It appears that peacekeeping rather than peacemaking is the stopgap solution the world dictates.

But for nations and people in crisis, TWR offers biblically based programming to impart seeds of peace to its listeners. In northern Nigeria, for example, TWR-Africa plans to air an already proven program titled Peace Messages. Its content focuses on forgiveness and reconciliation — messages from the Word of God that describe the only source of genuine and lasting peace. In 2008, this same program was aired in Swahili to the Kenyan people with amazing and transforming results.

Today, let us not forget those who are suffering because of man’s inhumanity to man. Please pray for us as we broadcast God’s gospel peace via the airwaves, that we will “declare it fearlessly” as we should (Ephesians 6:20). Thank you for partnering with us in this great work.

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(Featured photo by cliff1066â„¢)