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TWR Country Focus: Ukraine 

"I am your constant listener along with my family members. Your programs bring us great joy. Every evening we hurry to finish up all the work before the transmission of the program.

“Our father came to know the Lord through TWR’s programs. He loved the messages, and the Lord was able to knock through into his heart. He then was sorry to have accepted the Lord so late in life. He testified to the people in the village before he died: ‘You know who I was before: a drunk. Now I am a child of God and washed in His blood. The Lord has found me and regenerated me.’”

Facts about Ukraine:

  • Ukraine is the second-largest country in Europe. The population is estimated at 46 million, and the official language is Ukrainian. Russian is also widely used, particularly in the cities.
  • The country has been affected by conflict between the Ukrainian-speaking and Russian-speaking populations in the country at large. Today there are two recording studios in Ukraine, where national co-workers produce the programs in Ukrainian and Russian.
  • TWR has been preparing radio programs in the Ukrainian language since 1962. Among the productions today are two discipleship programs, Man and Eternity, aimed at listeners already involved in churches, and Voice of Eternal Love, which offers a biblical perspective on serious social problems such as abortion, AIDS and drugs.