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Over 80% of refugees in Europe have smartphones…

How does Refugee Bridge touch their hearts from their touchscreens?

The “Love Europe” App

TWR’s Refugee Bridge media ministry reaches out to refugees through the Love Europe smartphone app!

If a refugee needs to find important places, such as a local ministry that offers free language classes, there’s the Locations section.

If a refugee wants to find out about local refugee events, there’s the Events section.

And of course, if a refugee is seeking hope, our TWR audio programs are available in the Media section. This includes six TWR series in Arabic, Farsi, and Dari, including Hope for Syria and New Country, New Home.

New Country, New Home

Refugee Bridge is also producing an audio series called New Country, New Home. This program follows the story of Khalid, a fictional Syrian refugee, who lives in Germany with his wife and children. He encounters many refugee challenges, such as cultural obstacles and trauma. Throughout the series, he finds hope and encouragement as he learns about a loving God from his new friend Pastor Stefan.

Getting Involved

We want our programs to be tools for ministries and individuals who are reaching out to refugees. To access these hope-giving services and messages, download the Love Europe app, available for iOS and Android.

You can also contribute financially by donating to the Refugee Bridge ministry.

Together, we can show Christ’s love to refugees, using the very smartphones in their pockets!

Contact us with any comments or questions at [email protected].