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With over 450 unreached people groups in China, how does a ministry or mission agency select a group to reach with the Gospel?  In the case of "Charlotte," who works with TWR in China, she said the decision to reach the Mosuo people (sometimes spelled Mosu or Moso) was "through a lot of miraculous leading from the Lord."  Often, we encounter a crossroads and ask, "Lord, what would you have me do?"  Or, "Lord where do you want me to go?"  Since we know from Matthew 9:38 that God is "the Lord of the harvest," don't you think that through prayer, wise counsel, and divine providence, the Lord will lead you as well into the section of his harvest field where He wants you to work and give you access to the people that He wants you to reach?  It's our job to be available and earnestly seek His will.

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(Photo of Andy Napier interviewing "Charlotte")