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A girl who lived in a refugee camp in Tanzania for ten years recently visited the TWR-Burundi office to tell how she had been blessed by the good news through our programs.

She said, “I used to listen to your program from the refugee camp in Tanzania. It was a blessing, not only to me but to the other Burundian refugees in the camp because we could hear a program in our mother tongue while we were away from our homeland. The messages in that program caused me to change my life and surrender it to the Lord Jesus Christ. I am amazed at how, from this studio, you are able to reach people thousands of miles away.”

It’s exciting that these programs reached her in crisis, they reached her within her cultural framework, they reached her with Christ and they reached her from another country! There are not many other means of outreach that can achieve all four of these at the same time other than radio!

To learn more from TWR-Africa’s website, click here.