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A listener in Japan recently wrote to express her gratitude in being able to listen to Thru the Bible sermons that are broadcast in Japanese. She said, “Thank you for your programs. I listen to them every day, and I am currently enjoying learning new things about the Bible and the book of Corinthians from the broadcast.”

One may quickly assume that the programs are aired in Japan through shortwave radio, as with many other countries in Asia. However, as Japan is considered a more technologically advanced country than other parts of Asia, shortwave radio was discontinued as it was no longer viable. Instead, the programs in Japan are delivered by satellite radio and through the Internet, so that they will be more effective in reaching the tech-savvy Japanese.

Through these broadcasts, via shortwave, satellite radio or the Internet, the primary objectives are the same, and that is to assist non-believers and Christians develop their understanding of the gospel and biblical principles. TWR-Asia also aims to establish a platform where listeners can gain practical information about how to live their lives from a Christian perspective.