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Last week, our family traveled back to Tennessee to visit with family and friends.  When we saw the sign welcoming us to Tennessee, and as we crossed the state line, my two boys and I (Kathy refrained due to growing up in Alabama) kept up our tradition of singing Rocky Top...

"Wish that I was on ol' Rocky Top, down in the Tennessee hills; Ain't no smoggy smoke on Rocky Top; Ain't no telephone bills..."

Why would I reference Rocky Top in today's blog?  It's the reality that there are still places in this world where there "ain't no telephone bills" because there are no telephones.  There are locations where this is no cell phone coverage, no internet availability, and no television signal.  BUT, as long as a home has some form of radio (whether electric, battery operated, wind-up, or solar), that individual or family can likely receive a signal from TWR.  For instance, according to Jonathan Turner of Key Communications, "there is no mass media except for radio" in much of the countryside of Pakistan.  The good news is that God is using Christian radio, like TWR's PANI Project, in an effective way to make a difference in that part of the world.

Click here for a link to Key Communications or to learn more about TWR's PANI Project

(Photo by UN Photo/Evan Schneider/cc license 2.0)