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When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in the fall of 2005, the lives of many people were dramatically impacted. One of those people was minister and best-selling author Dr. David Platt, who currently pastors The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Ala. Prior to Katrina’s devastating impact on New Orleans, Dr. Platt served on the staff of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and at a church in the city. The next year the Platt family moved to Birmingham to begin serving at The Church at Brook Hills, and in the following years, David’s passion for the discipling of the nations began to gain national attention. His book on personal discipleship, “Radical: Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream,” became a national best-seller, and it was followed by a second book, “Radical Together: Unleashing the People of God for the Purpose of God,” which deals with the corporate responsibility of the church to take the life-transforming message of Christ to every nation on earth.

More recently Dr. Platt founded Radical, Inc., a resource ministry dedicated to providing media content to equip the global church for fulfilling the Great Commission through discipling the nations. In 2010, Radical forged a partnership with TWR to expand the young ministry’s international impact.TWR’s global media and translating capability will make Radical’s discipleship training content available in multiple languages. Currently, TWR is translating and producing Dr. Platt’s content, including his Secret Church series and many years of sermons, in 11 languages.

In the future, Radical plans to make these materials available to church planters from The Church at Brook Hills in order to send them to unreached peoples around the world. 

David Platt’s writing and teaching clearly have had a major impact on the church in the United States, and TWR is excited and confident that these materials from Radical will have a similar impact in many other nations. TWR is privileged to be the communications link offering access to these truths from God’s word, enabling believers globally to fulfill their divinely ordained destiny and calling.