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It’s a frequent puzzle for TWR missionaries and advocates: How do you explain to supporters and uninitiated alike the scope of this media ministry, with partners sprinkled across the globe and operations comprising everything from script writing to transmission-tower rigging to prayer-group organizing to Web maintenance.

Well, what if workers on the front lines described their jobs and, even better, showed in pictures what they do and where it all happens? That’s the point of Quickvids, according to Tyler Gates, TWR’s global video coordinator.

“With the proliferation of video-capable devices (be it cell phones, flip cams, or DSLR cameras), we have an opportunity for our staff around the world to capture moments of ministry and share them with the rest of the globe,” said Gates, who is based in Cary, N.C.  “This allows for a much clearer picture of TWR's ministry around the world.”

Quickvids are distributed on social-media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, and Gates lists the guiding principles for producing an effective one: Keep them short, authentic and regular. So far, five of the very-short-form videos have been produced in various locations, among them Nepal, Germany and Portugal.

A perusal of TWR’s YouTube site offers a taste of the new form. Rebecca Dieckmann of ERF, TWR’s partner in Germany, presents a 34-second snapshot of the studio from which CrossChannel, a youth-oriented program featuring contemporary Christian music, is broadcast online. In a video lasting about three minutes, Ralf Stores of TWR USA and Simon Subba of TWR Nepal take viewers on a tour that winds through cramped slum dwellings, passes cows crossing and lying on a bridge, and glimpses construction of the ministry’s new studio in the Nepalese town of Butwal.  

“We are trying to catch just a glimpse, not tell a whole story,” Gates said. “These videos are easy to film, produce, distribute and, most importantly, view.”

Many more likely are on the way, and Gates characterizes the response so far as “overwhelmingly positive.” Quickvids help depict the breadth of the global ministry but also give TWR’s diverse staff a voice in telling its story, he said.

“We get to meet people through Quickvids that we would never have the chance to meet in person,” Gates added. “As this new initiative grows, we expect to find a lot more people who see a Quickvid and are impacted by the Holy Spirit to either pray, give or go and serve the Lord.”

 For ongoing updates, follow the ministry’s new video department on Twitter at @TWRVideo.