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On the TWR Guam transmitter dedication trip in November 2011, TWR's magazine and Web content editor Katie Burke interviewed Mike Tirone, vice president and general manger of KCBI, Criswell Communications in Dallas, Texas.

KB: Your listeners back in the U.S. were very responsive to the transmitter replacement campaign. Why do you think this project resonated so well with them?

MT: The project resonated with our KCBI listeners because they care about the things our Lord cares about and passionately want everyone everywhere to hear Christ’s invitation to receive him as their Savior.  They responded by faith to this project because giving is part of their DNA. I love that they got to hear us flip the switch on-the-air live. God uses his people to meet needs, and he used the KCBI listeners to do something great! It was pure joy to watch it unfold.

KB: What has impressed you about TWR's transmitting facility on Guam?

MT: I love how God has strategically placed the island of Guam right off the coast of China. The TWR transmitters are perfectly placed to beam God’s truth deep into mainland China. The people of China will hear God’s Word crystal clear, so that it may accomplish his purpose in the hearts and lives of those who hear it.

KB: What have you thought about the TWR staff you've had the opportunity to meet?

MT: I absolutely love the heart of the TWR staff, led by Lauren Libby, because they are single-minded focused. All the TWR team that I have met have such a heart for the lost. They are obedient to follow the Holy Spirit when he puts something in their hearts. There wouldn’t be two brand new 250,000 watt transmitters in Guam if TWR didn’t walk by faith. To answer the question, their faith impressed me.

KB: What do you appreciate most about the relationship between KCBI and TWR?

MT: I appreciate that TWR and KCBI are about kingdom work. If it matters to our Lord, it matters to KCBI and TWR. There is nothing we can’t do when like-minded ministries come together and trust God. Millions of people will now hear the Word of God, many for the first time, because we listened to God and trusted him to meet the needs.