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Meet Elisa Salvioli. This dedicated 21-year-old works in TWR’s partner office in São Paulo, Brazil. Read this informative Q & A to learn more about Elisa and her work.

How did you become familiar with TWR?

I used to model, but then I began praying to God because I saw a lot of bad things in the world. God taught me what I had to know. A man named Pastor Marcio worked for TWR, and his wife worked with my mom. He talked to her, and she talked to my mom. They asked me to come work for the radio station. At the time I was waiting to hear back about other jobs I had applied for. I didn’t hear back from any of them, but TWR called me and offered me a job. I prayed about it and felt a peace. It’s funny because I don’t have background in radio, but God provided me with the job.

How are you involved with TWR and Project Hannah?

I help out with the seven different ministries we have. For example, there's a Bible course program, and another program that helps put pastors into schools. I do a lot of work with the Ticuna Indian people in Brazil. I also help raise money for new radio stations.

Sometimes I go on the radio, but I kind of have a little kid voice [laughs].

As far as Project Hannah goes, I pray right now and help send out the prayer calendars in Brazil, but I want to do more. For the first time, I really know about Project Hannah, so I want to share about it with people my own age.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I love the vision. The first time I visited TWR’s office in São Paulo, I cried. I love missions. We have a lot of small cities in Brazil, but not a lot of churches and we are doing so much for the people of Brazil. Project Hannah has a house that helps women. We send medicine, doctors, dentists, clothes to the Ticuna people. The Ticunas kill children if they are twins, because they think it’s a bad thing. If a child has a deformity, they kill him or her. We have programming for them in their own heart language (Ticuna). We also have a house for kids there with 300 children. We send money and food to them.

We help in two worlds: the spiritual and the material world. I think it’s wonderful.

What are the biggest challenges you face working for TWR?

We don’t have all the resources we need to help others, so it’s hard. We do good things, and we always want to do more, but we don’t always have the manpower or the resources. It’s hard for me because I want to do more. Brazil is a poor country. People who have money don’t want to help.

What type of spiritual challenges exist when it comes to ministering in your country?

The challenge is it’s like a war. The other religions in Brazil are very dark. We want to expose the truth. It’s like a storm in the spiritual world. I can feel the spiritual opposition.

How should people pray for you and the people in your country?

Pray that God will let more people hear our programs and come to know him. We need more workers and we need more money. Pray that God will give us a way to raise these things. Pray for people who have a heart and vision for what we are doing. Also pray for God’s grace for us, because it’s very hard.