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On the TWR Guam transmitter dedication trip in November 2011, TWR's magazine and Web content editor Katie Burke had the opportunity to sit down for an exclusive interview with Collin Lambert, the vice president of broadcasting for Moody Radio.

KB: Your listeners back in the U.S. were very responsive to the transmitter replacement campaign. Why do you think this project resonated so well with them?

CL: I think a lot of it has to do with our mission at Moody Radio, which is proclaiming the Word. Our listeners are always very responsive to anything that has to do with getting the Word of God out, whether it's through distributing Bibles or radio broadcasts or helping missionaries out – whatever it is, our folks are very concerned about making sure the Word gets out and that it's adhered to faithfulness.

KB: What has impressed you about TWR's transmitting facility on Guam?

CL: It's amazing! From the moment you drive up to the site with the array of antennas to the new 250,000-watt transmitters, it's just amazing to see firsthand and then to hear from the staff where each one of the broadcasts is going and how much of the world they are covering. It's a phenomenal thing.

KB: What have you thought about the TWR staff you've had the opportunity to meet?

CL: Their technical knowledge is amazing and what they know about radio is incredible. Beyond that, you can see their love for the Lord and for the people they minister to through radio in everything they do.

KB: What do you appreciate most about the relationship between Moody Radio and TWR?

CL: We're very interested not only in proclaiming the Word, but also in partnerships and relationships and being able to reach the world in a new way. We're really focusing on our global vision right now, and that includes partnerships with ministries like TWR, that already have an outreach around the world. We want to see how we can come alongside and partner together to get the Good News of the gospel out.

KB: Do you anticipate future partnerships between TWR and Moody Radio?

CL: Absolutely.