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Millions of women around the world face unimaginable horrors from wars that never seem to end, natural disasters that claim their families and homes, diseases that ravage their bodies, and poverty that leaves them struggling to survive. Many are trapped in the silence of their pain, with no one to speak on their behalf or listen to their voices in need.

Nearly fifteen years ago, a single plea arose in the heart of one woman—that God would enable her to be used of him to offer help and compassion to oppressed women around the globe. God answered. Project Hannah (PH), which takes its name from the biblical woman, Hannah (1 Sam. 1:1-28), was born. Project Hannah Global Ministry Director & Founder Marli Spieker and her husband, Edmund, were TWR missionaries in Asia when God impressed the many women who are trapped in spiritual, cultural and physical bondage upon her. Her single note of prayer has blossomed into a symphony of hope and praise for how God is working mightily to share his transforming love with precious but previously unengaged souls.

While the needs of women across the globe are vast, PH focuses on a few specific things: Awareness, prayer and radio programming. By utilizing these three key strategies, countless numbers of women are touched with Christ’s love.

The radio programming has proven to be especially rewarding. Radio can reach women where they are, no matter their social status, culture or location. The conversational friend-to-friend style of the Women of Hope program is simple and attractive, yet challenging. The broadcasts share practical advice and personal experiences, letting listeners know they are understood and loved—especially by God. 

Click here to learn more about the growing ministry of Project Hannah.