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TWR is excited to announce the launch of the Project Hannah Arabic website. The new website contains audio episodes of the Arabic program Laki Raja, which in English means “You have hope." The 30-minute program has aired weekly from TWR’s transmitting outlet to the Middle East since January 2012 (the program airs Saturdays at 9:11pm on 1233 kHz AM/MW).

“The website is very beautiful in terms of design and content," said TWR’s Arabic department director. "Women can listen to the program’s episodes, read spiritual, social, psychological, and family articles and listen to daily devotions and songs. They can also communicate with us and share their comments on Facebook and Twitter.”

The Project Hannah prayer movement in Arabic started in July 2011.

Project Hannah, a ministry of TWR, offers compassion, encouragement and hope to suffering women worldwide through prayer, awareness and radio programs. Including Arabic, the Women of Hope program airs in 59 languages around the world.

TWR broadcasts several hours of gospel messages in Arabic daily. Detailed broadcast schedules can be found at and also at