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Have you ever been reading a passage in the Bible or listening to a sermon when suddenly, you saw something in the scriptures that you had never noticed before?  As the Holy Spirit illuminates the truth of God's Word to us, sometimes we find ourselves asking, "How did I miss that key point before?  It's so obvious!"  Recently, as I was editing my interview with Eeva Vahasarja, TWR's Project Hannah Coordinator for Europe, and something Eeva said jumped out to me.  As Eeva talked about Project Hannah's Prayer Calendar, she said "Prayer is the first thing."  I kept pondering, "prayer is the first thing...prayer is the first thing," and then it hit me!  In 1 Timothy 2:1 (ESV), Paul writes to Timothy, "First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people..."  Did you catch that, "FIRST OF ALL..."  Indeed, just as Eeva said, "Prayer is the FIRST thing," so let's not neglect this important role as a Christian--first of all, we must pray!

Click here to view the Project Hannah Prayer Calendar

(Photo of Eeva Vahasarja, TWR's Project Hannah Coordinator for Europe and Andy Napier)