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An urgent prayer plea has been issued by TWR personnel on Guam as they struggle to keep the ministry’s high-powered broadcast transmitter working amid high winds and heavy rains.

The monsoon rainband has caused flooding in many areas of the island, including an electrical transformer room at the transmitter site, and has resulted in extensive damage and power outages. With Guam Power Authority lines down, the TWR facility had to switch to generator power Thursday, but news received Friday morning indicated that the electricity is on again.

“We covet everyone’s prayers – praying for God to protect our team and sustain our broadcasts into Asia with no further outages,” wrote Daryl Renshaw, the regional support services leader for TWR Asia.

As much as a foot rain, and possibly more, has fallen on the 212-square-mile island in the past couple of days, and several more inches are predicted. News reports made no mention of injuries or deaths as a result of the rains, but the Pacific Daily News reported that schools had closed and flight schedules were disrupted at the airport.

“Today [Friday], the team is contending with antenna damage from the high winds,” Renshaw reported from Guam. “It’s damaged one of the reflector screens, and it’s taken out a guy wire on one of the antennas. This is very serious because if the convection of the winds continues as planned through the weekend, we might incur extensive damage.  Sadly, the winds are too high to send a rigger up to the top of the tower to run a new guy wire down.”

The transmitter site on Guam is a key facility for TWR in Asia, sending out shortwave signals throughout the region and reaching millions of potential listeners in China and beyond. The broadcast operation comprises three 100,000-watt transmitters and two 250,000-watt transmitters, though not all of them are in use.

Coincidentally, Guam on Thursday also felt the rumbling of an earthquake that struck several hundred miles north of the island. A second, smaller quake closer to the island was reported later. No damage was mentioned in news reports.