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I grew up with a pool table in our living room.  You see, our house was small.  We didn't have a family room or man cave.  My dad had converted a one-car garage into a den, but it was too narrow.  So, when Daddy built a custom pool table for our family, we had to put it in the living room because that was the only room large enough to play...and play we did...for several years...until my mother inherited her aunt's parlor grand piano.  And, since we didn't have a parlor, the piano wound up replacing the pool table in the living room.  Well, while my experience with billiards was limited to our house, my TWR colleague, Bill Early packs up his pool cue and plays competitively in clubs, pool halls, and bars.  For Bill, pool is not just a hobby; it's his personal ministry.

Click here for a link to Bill Early's TWR web page

(Photo of Bill Early in action)