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Here’s a moving response from a listener in North Africa.

Dear friends, 
I have a lot of good news to tell you. The Lord is doing great things here in North Africa. There has been a lot of persecution, but many conversions. The persecution brought back its best fruits in our village. Indeed, when one says "persecution," one says "conversion." Thanks to God, with the persecution, fifteen people were added to our bible study group.

Here’s how it happened: During some years, a brother gave us a house to pray and to study the word of Jesus. The neighbors were not content, but they did not say anything, as long as we were only eight. Gradually, as our group grew, we passed from eight to fifteen. One evening while we prayed, the neighbors alerted the police. They accused us of having established an underground church, which is illegal under the law. We are liable to a strong fine, they said, and even the risk of imprisonment. So the rumor spread in the village. People who are not Christians began to cry "injustice, injustice!" Fifteen people came to say to us: "We are tired of this injustice. We believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and we desire with all our hearts belong to Jesus. Can we join your group?"
Indeed, when there were only eight of us, they tried to persecute us with the intention of reducing us. They do not realize they have added 15 more to our group! Now, there are 23 of us. Let us say glory to God and amen! Please pray for us and for our persecutors, that they may also come to join the rows of those who have received salvation through Christ.
My dear friends, never stop sending us the spiritual food because the number of those who listen to your programs has increased considerably. Our group greets you!

For more information on TWR’s North African orality program, click here.