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"I just don't have a 'peace' about it."  Have you ever used that line?  I have.  But looking back, I now know that I was using it as an excuse.  You see, about 13 years ago, God called me to move from hosting an afternoon radio program to the morning program, and I was not a morning person!  The thought of it made me sick.  My boss, my family, and my best friend all said "we think this is something you should do."  But, I kept saying I didn't have a peace about doing mornings.  What I really was saying was that the thought of getting up early was extremely uncomfortable to me.  But, I've come to learn that God often calls us out of our comfort zones.  And while the process can be very uncomfortable, God will give us His peace as we follow Him.  Missionary Chuck Linkston calls it grace!

Click here to learn more about the Linkston's ministry in Australia

(Photo of Chuck and Jimmie-Lynn Linkston)