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“Deeply moved and with great joy and heartfelt thankfulness to our Lord Jesus, I report to you that this afternoon local time we went on the air.”

Those were the words of a TWR leader on Monday, Dec. 16, 2013. He was referring to test broadcasts being beamed from TWR’s much-anticipated new PANI transmitter to reach spiritually needy listeners in Pakistan, Afghanistan and North India.

“It was very touching when we heard the first broadcasts on the receiver at the transmitting site,” said the emotional TWR executive, who deemed it a privilege to be present at the broadcast location during the testing phase.

The executive advised that TWR would continue airing regular test transmissions with reduced power and reduced antenna coverage throughout this week. Lord willing, full-powered AM broadcasts will begin airing in February 2014 “after the antenna specialist completes antenna alignment work.”

TWR appreciates your continued prayer and support of this strategic transmitter project. As you pray, please remember these specific requests:

  • That the tests would progress successfully, enabling the experts to collect all the technical information needed to launch full-scale broadcasting soon.
  • That the Lord would continue to watch over the staff and equipment at the site, readying both to fulfill this vital upcoming mission.
  • That the Lord would prepare the hearts of thousands, even millions, of people who soon will be able to tune it in and encounter the gospel for the first time ever.

Learn more about PANI at and consider whether God is leading you to become a supporter. 

Photo: Kandahar is a city in southern Afghanistan of special cultural significance to the Pashtuns, one of the people groups the PANI project seeks to reach.