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With deep thankfulness to Jesus Christ, TWR is excited to announce that the new PANI transmitter is now on the air at full power with a regular broadcast schedule. Reaching a potential audience of 210 million people, the transmitter shares the Good News of Jesus Christ to listeners in Pakistan, Afghanistan and North India.

After resolving a number of technical issues, the station is now embarking on a full evening broadcast schedule. Full-power programming began on March 24, 2014. Initial reports from listeners in the PANI region are very encouraging.

Although TWR has been broadcasting in the region on shortwave radio for some time now, PANI’s new AM transmitter expands our impact dramatically with 500,000 watts of power – 10 times the wattage of the most powerful AM transmitters permitted in the United States.

For more information about the PANI project, and to find out how you can join in this exciting ministry, click here.