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Two Tepehuan Indian men are traveling with their burro in northwestern Mexico.  The Sierra Madre mountains are in the background.  They are talking as they walk along in the heat of the hot sun when suddenly, they see a small parachute in the sky.  It's drifting down toward them.  In fact, amazingly, it lands right on top of them.  One of the men reaches out and catches a small radio in his hand.  No, this is not the trailer of a new Disney movie, this is the true story of a changed life due to a Galcom radio dropping out of the sky.  God still works in amazing ways.  While He didn't create that particular radio and parachute out of nothing by speaking them into existence, He did call volunteers to a Galcom production facility and use their skills to make the radio and sew the parachute.  God also directed that Mexican pilot to drop a radio in the direction of the two men with their donkey.  May our great, loving, and sovereign Lord be praised for the way He seeks and saves the lost!

Click here for a link to Galcom International

(Photo of Time Whitehead, Executive Director of Galcom International in Canada and Andy Napier)