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This letter comes from a North African listener.

Dear friends at TWR,
I write to you to encourage you to continue this splendid  work you are doing. I discovered your broadcast through a Christian woman that God put on my path. Here is my story:

It was market day. When I finished my shopping, I walked back home. A young man who was running behind me had almost knocked me over as he yelled, “Blind man! You take up the entire road! You better walk on the sidewalk!” Enraged, I seized him by the collar of his jacket and told him, “I am going to teach you how to handle your language well!”

A Christian woman standing just behind us exclaimed, “Please stop! Why the quarrels? There is a solution, isn’t there?”  I told her, “What kind of solution? This man jostles me without reason, and he wants that I ask him forgiveness!” She said, “Forgiveness, dear friend, is an incontestable law... Indeed, your mistakes will be forgiven if you forgive others their mistakes. On the other hand, your mistakes will not be forgiven if you are not willing to forgive the mistakes of others. Therefore, instead of quarrelling, thank the Lord who gave you this opportunity to be able to forgive someone’s mistake.”

I had never heard similar human words. I implored this woman to tell me where I could read about this law that explains forgiveness. She gave me a New Testament and the frequency of TWR Radio. I took her advice and, my dear friends, I am happy to tell you that my wife, our seven children and I all belong today to Jesus, our Savior. To Jesus be the glory! Thanks to what you do via your broadcasts. Do you realize that you are our Bible School?    

Your brother in Christ