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Recently, a stampede on a bridge killed 340 people and injured hundreds more in Cambodia. TWR-Cambodia quickly responded to offer help. Fundraising efforts were promptly initiated by the staff team. Individuals, churches, non-governmental organizations, missions and Christian businesses joined together to provide for the vast need.

 “TWR’s team has been actively involved since the first day by calling for Christian communities to act in response to the victims’ needs,” said TWR-Cambodia’s ministry team leader, Veasna. “We initiated a relief package (called ‘Jesus Loves You’) to provide for the immediate needs of the victims. 171 relief packages were delivered to the victims of the stampede.

These ‘Jesus Loves You’ relief packages were assembled by our TWR-Cambodia staff team. Each relief package contained food items, toiletries, a small amount of cash, a pocket Bible and an MP3 player that contained TWR’s spiritual programming.

The victims were very happy to see the ministry team, and the team was blessed to be able to listen to their stories, share God’s love and pray with them.

To learn more from TWR-Asia’s website, click here.