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The TWR-Nepal team recently introduced a new children's program called Bal Batika. As of June 2010, the program has been introduced to 15 churches, 11 villages and three orphanages in Nepal.  
The team has received positive feedback about the program from listeners. One listener remarked, “I am a Christian and have three grown children. I always pray to God about my desire to bring up my children according to biblical standard and principles. I bought a radio last month when I heard from TWR field staff that there is a children program on radio. I always ask my children to listen to it with me. It has become a part of our family and we listen regularly because it's helping us grow spiritually.”

Most of the 15 churches also play the program, recorded in CD format, for children attending Sunday school.  So far, three churches have been regularly playing this program. The churches also encourage the children to listen to the program at home. One teacher in the church said, "Bal Batika is the program I like the most. It helps me greatly in teaching the children, because I don’t have any existing teaching materials for them.”

Radios from TWR-Nepal have also been distributed to poor families so that they can enjoy listening to the programs. A director of a Christian orphanage shared that the children enjoy the program immensely. He added, "It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to know the children have been nourished by God's word...this is evident in their moral development. One objective of our orphanage is to draw these children closer to the Lord. Therefore, this program is also helping us to fulfill our vision. I am very grateful to this program."