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TWR Europe has been working in conjunction with partners in France and Algeria to minister to the Kabyle Church. The Kabyle people reside in the northern mountains of Algeria and are a subgroup of the Berber peoples of North Africa.  A new development in the ministry is now close to launch as a 15-minute TV program will air on the satellite network Chaine Nord Africaine in the coming months.  In the meantime, the program is being broadcast weekly in an audio only version from the 1467 kHz MW station.

As the Church in Algeria has grown enormously in the last decade and a half, a growing need for doctrinal resources has also arisen.  This need has been compounded by the increasing level of inconsistent teaching found in the area.  To combat incorrect doctrines and to feed those hungry for the Word, the new program, Answer to Your Question, has been created.  Thus far, 26 episodes have been produced, and another 26 are scheduled for production later in the year. The show is presented as a dialogue between a host and guest speaker as they discuss topics selected from listener responses to the Berber translation of Thru the Bible

Malek, the director of TWR Berber ministries; Karim, who is the program’s host; and Abdenour make up the nontechnical portion of the production team. Agape Media Paris will be serving all studio technical needs for the program’s production.  For more information, please visit TWR Europe’s article.