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This letter from a Ukrainian listener captures the joy she has experienced through her husband coming to Christ.

Dear TWR,

I would like to share my joy with you. This year, through the programs of TWR, the Lord knocked at the heart of my husband.

Seven years ago, I received Christ into my heart. I cannot go to church by myself because of health reasons, so my husband drove me there. He would never come in. At home I would listen to your programs and he would not hinder me, so I listened every day. In the summer, I would even carry the radio out into the yard. Because of this, the Word of God was pouring into our home.

In the beginning he would not listen, but over the years he started listening more and more, really taking in the words that were coming from the radio. Then, wonder of wonders, he went with me to church on Sunday, and repented of his sins!

Praise to the Lord and to you! The seed has gone up in the soul of my husband.

~ A Listener in Ukraine