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Breaking through the 1 million-visit ceiling was a watershed event for Christian media web portal

For the first time since its birth in May 2013, users from over 200 countries and territories in January 2018 visited the multilingual website and mobile app more than 1 million times. The number of visits rose in February and March and is on track to top a million again for April.

“There was a ceiling that we had been aware of for a long time and wanted to break through it,” TWR360 Marketing and Operations Manager David Creech said this week. “But we can't do it. God brings those users. God moves hearts. It's not TWR360 doing it. It's how God moves and when God moves. And the timing happened to be that on Jan. 28, the ceiling was shattered.”

Starting five years ago with a handful of ministry partners contributing content in five languages, TWR360 today comprises more than 200 partners, 600 programs, thousands of free downloadable podcasts, videos, ebooks, study guides, devotionals, streams of Christian radio stations and music outlets, online Bibles, audio Bibles and much more. Users can search for content in 54 languages, from English to Swahili and from Arabic to Mandarin.

For a Bible-centered venture like TWR360 to be successful, Creech said, God must be in control. So the operations team, huddling with TWR360 originator Ralf Stores, asks the Lord to show them how to make this digital platform the most effective tool possible for helping users come to faith in Jesus Christ and grow as disciples.

Creech said the team has discovered they must concentrate on three main factors. First, every technical refinement possible must be explored so users experience a website and app that is fast and easy to use. Second, the amount of content must continue to expand and be accessible in multiple languages.  

“A third major component is our commitment to the ministry promotions,” he said. “A core aspect of our mission is to help ministry partners fulfill their vision and calling in reaching the world with their biblical content. … Our aggressive commitment to that third component of ministry promotions and marketing is a key contributing factor to the growth trend.”

While topping 1 million visits in a single month is a strong indicator of TWR360’s broad impact, it’s the responses from users that reveal how varied and profound the impact can be.

One user wrote in Arabic, “I am a Muslim and am 17 years old. I want to learn Christianity. I want to know more about who Jesus is and what the gospel is. Please help me.”

Comments like that bring tears to your eyes, Creech said. And the responses range widely, demonstrating how different people’s respective needs respond to different types of content on the site.  

“Good Bible teaching is where we get the emotional, heartfelt responses,” he said. “The deep stuff comes from engagement with multilingual programs like Daily Audio Bible, Thru the Bible, FamilyLife Today, Grace to You or Love Worth Finding – or from the Spanish devotional Alimento para el Alma.

The dynamic development of is slated to continue. A campaign is planned for this summer to raise funds to reach the digital ministry’s ambitious goal of having 100 languages available on the site within a year.

Original photo credit: Ali Yahya (Creative Commons)